Your Partner for your state of the art Solution

  • Elesia S.p.A was founded in Rome in 1991 by a team of managers with years of experience with Italian and international companies working in the military, industrial electronics and research fields.

  • In a few short years it has gained a leading position in the Italian market for the supply of real-time and embedded platforms, including "turnkey platforms in the telecommunications, military and industrial markets".

  • The group of professionals that work at Elesia make sure that these fundamental steps are always followed: identification, acquisition and integration of the best technologies available in the worldwide market, using at the same time the operating systems and drivers most suited for the client's application.

  • Today, Elesia has its headquarters is in Rome, and it also has sales offices located in the northern part of Italy: Bologna and Turin.

  • Elesia is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company by DNV

Elesia is leader in the supply of basic technological solutions in Italy for real-time and mission-critical applications, in particular in the areas of Defence, Aerospace, Transport, Security, Scientific Research and Industrial Automation.

Due to its excellent profile, it is the technological partner of the leading suppliers and integrators of complex systems in Italy. Elesia's customers/partners include major national and European research centres.

In particular, Elesia is a leader in the supply of basic solutions for computing, viewing and real-time control systems for hostile environments, robust applications and mission-critical systems.

The strong technical perspective that has always characterised Elesia during its development now enables it to offer its customers state-of-the-art products as well as customised.

Elesia supplies robust and reliable real-time computing systems for mission-critical applications subject to the heaviest and most critical environmental conditions and required reliability levels.

Elesia seeks the best technologies available on the world markets and acquires, integrates and distributes them with the most suitable operating systems and drivers for the customer's requirements.

Its main supplies of computing systems include:

  • rugged computers for railway signalling and automation
  • computers for avionic and space systems
  • computers for electronic war systems
  • computer systems for telecommunication equipment
  • computer systems for research applications
  • computer systems for missile weapon systems
  • radar data computing and processing systems
  • systems for the management of information to the public in the transportation sector
  • computer systems and consoles for controlling applications
  • on-board computers for missiles and torpedoes
  • computer systems for industrial automation

Solution and Product Innovation and quality, operative effectiveness and efficiency and customer satisfaction are incessantly improved through the development and application of a Quality & Process Improvement plan

The services supplied and the daily improvement strategy support one of Elesia's main goals: to remain the Italian leader in the supply of embedded real time systems in the telecommunication, military and industrial markets.

Over the last few years, Elesia S.p.A. has designed hardware and software products for applications based on Compact PCI, PCI/PMC, VME and Multibus architectures, mostly thanks to its ability to give prompt and effective responses to the customer's needs

  • The Partners network: teamwork and partnerships with international electronics and IT leaders;

  • Culture: an exhaustive service supplied to the end customer through a thorough knowledge of the market and relentless attention to market trends as a member of prestigious technological circles;

  • Innovation: a technical facility that is steadily updated about the latest technological, methodological, electronic, IT and quality breakthroughs;

  • The Team professional skills, a bent for teamwork and top-rank joint ventures to make the most of the company's know how;

  • Quality: careful selection of products and supplies - ISO 9001:2000-certified, MIL-973-approved configuration check;

  • study, design and integration of systems and subsystems based on "Fault Tolerant" parallel architectures for "Mission Critical" applications

  • study, design and consultancy for the development of hierarchical and distributed automatic and control systems;

  • design and development of real time applications;

  • integration and development of basic real time software (Driver development, Operating System Porting, Middleware, etc.);

  • sales of latest-generation hardware and software products for industrial applications, telecommunication and defence;

  • customer service;

  • training and consultancy;

Our proactive attitude as well as our technical and technological know-how have led us to develop solutions that are successfully used in a wide range of applications, such as

  • Control and Drive
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Control of fast processes, axis control and handling
  • Control and supervision for physical tests
  • Test and Simulation
  • Security and Building automation
  • Real-time signal processing
  • Display and remote supervision
  • Remote control and Remote management
  • Data transmission
  • Control of turbines and marine propulsion
  • SCADA - Image processing