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CPC1311 - a new COM Express® mini (Type 10) CPU Module

Range of Fastwel COM-modules was extended with a new CPC1311 in COM Express® mini format (Type 10).

This innovative product is designed for OEMs that utilize custom computers in systems designed for mission-critical applications and harsh environments.

CPC1311 is based on multicore CPU Intel Atom E3800 (Bay Trail) with 64-bit architecture. This CPU has the following key features: very low power consumption (up to 10 W), support of ECC and powerful graphics controller. In CPC1311, two CPU versions can be used: high-performance CPU based on 4-core E3845 CPU with 1.91 GHz and low-power CPU based on 2-core E3825 CPU with 1.33 GHz.

4 GB RAM DDR3L with ECC support and SDD with 8 GB enables to use CPC1311 module as a standalone embedded PC able to solve most of the application tasks.

This Fastwel product ensures wide multimedia possibilities due to the graphics controller with LVDS interface (image resolution up to 2560x1600) and a modern HD audio codec. CPU built-in video decoding functions make it possible to use the module in systems, associated with the processing of multimedia streams.

Developers are free to use a wide range of high-speed interfaces: 1xGbE, 5xUSB2.0, 1xUSB3.0, 2xSATAII, 3xPCIEx1 (additionally, one PCI Express line can be obtained instead of Gigabit Ethernet). Additional capabilities include integrated support of CAN 2.0 bus, required in real-time systems, primarily in transport.

All CPC1311 components are soldered on board, which provides a high resistance of the device to shock and vibration. Optionally, the module comes with conformal coating. CPC1311 has the following operating temperature range: from -40°C to +85°.

CPC1311 supports the most popular OS: Linux3.8, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and 8, as well as QNX6.x.

Design based on Intel CPUs from the long-term supply program ensures the up to 10 years availability of CPC1311 (and even more - by a separate agreement). The mass production of CPC1311 modules will be launched in the second quarter of 2015, but even now the engineering samples are available for ordering.