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PC/104 Intel Atom D510 Based SBC

Fastwel CPC309 is a singleboard computer in StackPC format. In addition to the standard StackPC* interfaces it has VGA, LVDS and RS232, soldered NAND Flash and soldered RAM.

  • Intel PineviewD Dual Core (D510) 1.66 GHz
  • DDR2667 64 bit up to 2GB (Onboard)
  • 4 GB SATA SLC Flash drive (Onboard)
  • 2×SATA II on StackPC
  • Compact Flash Card slot
  • 2×USB 2.0, 6×USB 2.0 on StackPC 2×SIMcards
  • Watchdog 1×Fixed; 1×Programmable
  • Operating temperature range: -40...+85°C

*StackPC: 4x1 PCI_Express, 6xUSB 2.0, 2xSATA II, 2xRS232, LPC, SMBus, Ethernet.

Processor • Intel PineviewD Dual Core (D510) 1.66 GHz
• IA 64bit technology
• Intel SIMD2 & 3 (SSE2 + SSE3 + SSSE3)
• Intel® HyperThreading Technology (4 threads)
• L2 Cache 1 MB
System memory DDR2 SDRAM 667MHz 1 GB soldered
Integrated graphics controller • VGA output (resolution up to 2048×1536 60Hz), onboard
• LVDS interface (resolution up to 1366×768 60Hz, singlechannel 18 bit mode), onboard
PCI bus • Routed to PCI104 connector
• Support for v2.3
• 32bit /33MHz
• Support for up to 4× bus master devices
ISA bus • Routed to PC104 connector
• 16 bit /8 MHz
• Support for DDMA, ISA IRQ
LPC bus • Routed to 20pin connector
• Compatibility with 1.0 specification
• Support for 2xMaster/DMA devices
FLASH-disc 4GB NAND Flash (Dual Channel), connected to SATA interface: (50MB/s. read, 45MB/s. write)
Connector for MicroSD SDHC cards support, up to 32 GB capacity
Connector for Compact Flash, type 2 •Support for PIO & UDMA modes
• Support for Ultra ATA 100/66/33
SATA II interface • Up to 300MB/s transmission rate
• 2x standard onboard SATAconnectors
2 × LAN 10/100/1000 Mb ports on two PCIe x1 1 × onboard connector is used
USBport •Support for USB 1.1 (12Mb/s), USB 2.0 (480Mb/s)
• Connection up to 4 devices
Serial ports • COM1: RS232 (up to 1.5M baud)
• COM2: RS232 (up to 1.5M baud)
• COM3: RS422/485 (up to 921k baud), optoisolated (up to 500V)
• COM4: RS422/485 (up to 921k baud), optoisolated (up to 500V)
Digital I/O port 8 input/output lines, individually programmable
Optoisolated external reset/interrupt input solation up to 500V
PS/2 keyboard/mouse port Onboard connector
FRAM memory 64 Kb, where 256 bytes are used for storage of CMOS setup settings, use of SMBus
RTC Battery backed, CR2032 (3V)
Audio Audio and modem codec AC'97 (HD Audio)
Watchdog timer • WDT1 with fixed timeout period
• WDT2 programmable timeout
Hardware monitor • Use of SMBus
• Monitoring of 3 supply voltages
• CPU, PCB temperature monitoring
LEDs • Connector for external LEDs
• Support for the following LEDs: Ethernet1 and Ethernet2 activity, disc subsystems activity, watchdogs timeout, power supply LEDs
• The board is also equipped with power supply LEDs and 2 softwarecontrolled LEDs
OS compatibility • MS DOS 6.22, FreeDOS
• Windows XP (Embedded)
• Linux 2.6
• QNX 6.4