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Elesia interactive kiosks can be used from users to obtain information and services.

Elesia design, produces, installs and manages multimedia information kiosks for all interactive applications.

Thanks to their reliability, user-friendly features and low costs management, Elesia kiosks can be installed in different places such as:

Banks, in order to provide information and documentation;
Point of sales, to inform about offers and to promote products;
In all public places, to provide information, set advertisements and allow access to the Internet.
Museums, to guide the visitors and provide additional information;

Thanks to the touch screen technology, customers can easily access to updated and useful information, requests and make reservations independently.

Elesia can also develop custom applications and HCI for any operational requirement.

Alphanumeric keyboard anti vandal;
Barcode reader;
A4 Laser Printer;
Touchscreen 17";
Smart card reader;
Multimedia Kit;
60mm Thermal Printer;
A4 Scanner;
Dimensions 1000 x 560 x 3000mm
Weight ~ 23Kg