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The E-MPU envelope is a hardware and software integrated assembly to deliver a 4U high performance rugged processing unit.

The main characteristic of the unit is the total absence of the standard peripheral connectors on the rear. The E-MPU makes use of the Single Connector Architecture (SCA). The unit uses a single hidensity, hi-reliability connector on the rear to let all I/O interfaces user available including the power supply itself.

The high density connector on the unit rear will plug in the fixed mating connector, hosted in Ele.Si.A. E-MPU bay from which user cabling will start. The E-MPU bay will be fastened in the user rack.

Note: The hi-density Single Connector is not installed into the Development Machines, and the user has the full standard I/O connection accessibility.

PICMG 1.3 Single Board Computer Dual Intel LV XEON 2.0 Ghz with
4Gbyte RAM
PCIe, PCI-X and PCI interface
Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Dual Serial ATA/150 -
Dual EIDE Ultra ATA/100
Ultra XGA
Quad USB Interfaces
RS232 2 Serial Ports
Non Volatile Memory HD Serial ATA 80GB 7200 r/min
RW-DVD Device
Redundant Gigabit Interface N.2 ports with 10/100/1000 Base-T
Gigabit Ethernet
PCI 2.3 compliance Bus Speed up to 133 MHz
Redundant Link Management Capabilities
Serial Interface N.2 RS-232 Serial Port (9 pins 16550 UART) Up to 115,2 Kbps per port
Dual Head Graphic Video Adapter Memory Size: 256MB DDR2
Memory Interface: 64 Bits
Bus Interface: PCI Express x16
Audio Board 6 (5.1) channels for connecting 2, 4 or 6 loudspeakers and top-quality recording and playback at up to 48 kHz
Analog I/O 16 single ended or 8 differential input channels 12 Bits resolution 200 Ks/sec
Range +/- 0,05 , +/- 10 V
Frame Grabbing 4 channels video capture card BT878 video capture chipset, low latency DMA access
PICMG 1.3 Backplane N.1 PICMG 1.3 System host slot
N.2 PCIe Slots
N.4 PCI-X Slots
N.4 PCI Slots
Power Supply Main power: 450W+
EPS12V 2.x compliant
Input Voltage: 115 VAC / 230VAC
Input Frequency Range: 47Hz to 63Hz
EMI/RFI compliance
Cooling 3 x 80 mm ball bearing fans on the front with dust filters and Air Chamber
1 fan on power-supply 150+ CFM (total)
Adaptive Temperature controller
Operating System Linux
Windows (on request)
Notes: Contact factory for any different I/O configurations
Model Number Description
EN 60950-1: 2001+A11: 2004 Information Technology equipment - Safety - Part1: General requirements
EN 55022:1998+A1+A2 Info Technology equipment – Emissions
Amendment A1:2000 to EN 55022:1998
Amendment A2:2003 to EN 55022:1998
EN 55024:1998+A1+A2 Info Technology equipment – Immunity
Amendment A1:2000 to EN 55024:1998
Amendment A2:2003 to EN 55024:1998
EN 61000-3-2:2000 EMC limits for harmonic current emissions Part 3-2: Limits
EN 61000-3-3:1995 +A1:2001 Voltage fluctuations Part 3-3: Limits
Amendment A1:2001 to EN 61000-3-3:1995
MIL STD 810 F mthd 501.4-502.4 Operating Temperature Low -High (0° to 50°C)
MIL STD 810 F mthd 501.4-502.4 Storage Temperature Low -High (-40 to 60 and 90% at 60°C )
MIL STD 810 F mthd 507.4 Humidity (90 at 30°C)
MIL STD 810 F mthd 516.5 Shock (proc I) 20g acceleration peak (11ms pulse)
MIL STD 810 F mthd 514.5 Vibration (proc. I)50 to 7Hz 0.5 inch double amplitude displacement; 7 to 500Hz, 1.5 G
Model Number Description
EASP-EMPU1-CST Rel. 2.0.0. Fast Plug-In unit with single rear connector (male)
EASP-EMPU1-CST/D Rel. 2.0.0. Standard Chassis without rear connector (development machine)
EASP-EMPU1-ACC Mechanical bay with single female connector, mating the fast Plug-in unit