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Expansion Optimized Server

The 2U server revolutionizes the capabilities of homogenous systems containing closely coupled processors, solid-state storage and accelerator co-processing elements such as GP GPUs, Intel Xeon Phi and FPGAs. The 2U EOS contains the newest Intel E5-2600 v3 "Haswell" processors and provides the widest compatibility with dense accelerator expansion systems. It features up to eleven PCIe 3.0 ½ height, full-length slots and has a variety of front panel storage options. The two configurations consist of either eighteen 2.5" removable SAS SSD/HDD carriers and one slim DVD location, or twenty-four 2.5" removable SAS SSD/HDD carriers. The server features several motherboards optimized to support up 10 PCIe 3.0 NAND flash cards, advanced network interfaces and supports up to 1TB of memory mapped IO for memory intensive GPUs and accelerators.

  • Features Haswell-based motherboard
  • 11 PCIe 3.0 Expansion Slots
  • Guaranteed to work with expansion
  • Variety of front panel storage options