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Elesia offers a qualified and professional help desk service to all of its customers. For repair and maintenance of the products you can contact our Helpdesk (by email, phone, ect...) which will open a service call.

It will therefore be assigned an RMA number that allows, at any time, the tracking of the material and / or service and the finding of all relevant information.

Elesia has acquired over the years, the skills and knowledge to manage interventions of "first level" not only at its facility but also at the customer site.

Our success is also based on our ability in listening to our clients' needs, so that we can create the solutions they desire. We often tend to be an extension of our clients' development teams: that use our experience thus turning the relationship with the client into a full-fledged partnership.

In all of this, pre and post sales support is a fundamental tool for ensuring that our solutions can be easy to implement and long lasting, as well as effective.

For this purpose, we give you the possibility to write to our specialized staff who are directly involved in creating the products you request.

The products we sell are covered by a warranty extension established with the client, or in the event that this is not the case, by the standard guarantee granted by the manufacturer.

Repairs are carried at our offices or at the office of the manufacturer, indicated to the Client by Elesia; this after having checked the conditions for applying the warranty.

Shipping expenses for the material to be repaired will be paid by the Client, while re-delivery charges are at our expense.

Maintenance operations performed by unauthorized personnel shall result in the warranty for the product to be void.

Repair or replacement of the product shall not renew nor extend the period of validity of the warranty itself.

RMA is an abbreviation which stands for Return Merchandise Authorization, meaning the authorized return of material to the manufacturer.

The warranty varies based on the specific conditions of the manufacturer or purchase contract for the merchandise and starts the day following the date on the shipping document.
Contact our manager by using the form in this section, this will make it possible to contact you faster, and set up the procedures for returning the material.
You will be given a return merchandise authorization number (RMA number).
The merchandise that needs to be returned must be shipped along with the RMA number to:

ELE.SI.A. S.p.A.

C/O: Customer Service Team

RMA [RMA Number given]

Via Monte Nero, 63/65 00012 – Guidonia Montecelio (Rome) - Italy

It identifies and describes a manufactured object in general terms, for example a console, rack, sw driver, TAMUL, etc.
For example for an ELESIA product, whose Part Number is like EXXP-YYYYY-ZZZ, where:
XX: describes the product:
YYYYY: is an alphanumeric mnemonic
ZZZ: describes the product subclass
It is the unique production progressive number that each product has when manufactured along with its part number.
For example for an ELESIA product, the Serial Number is a sequence of 4 numbers like XXXX.