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  • SN2-VIBRATO • CompactPCI® Serial

SN2-VIBRATO • CompactPCI® Serial

EKF introduces the SN2-VIBRATO, a peripheral slot card for CompactPCI® Serial systems. The board is equipped with five independent Gigabit Ethernet controllers, wired to associated M12 circular front panel connectors, either XCoded (1000Mbps) or classic D-Coded (100Mbps).

The Intel® I210-IT (I211-AT) Ethernet NICs provide latest networking technology, e.g. power management and Audio-Video Bridging (AVB).

The on-board PCI Express® packet switch allows for operation of the SN2-VIBRATO either in a CompactPCI® Serial fat pipe slot, or even a standard peripheral backplane slot. The optimum performance can be achieved with a PCIe x 4 link established via the backplane connector P1.

The SN2-VIBRATO is well suited for high performance industrial and transportation networking applications. Drivers are available for all popular operation systems.