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TID12 is composed of an LCD display 12" Color TFT type complete unit touch-screen-type SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) for the input of characters and / or functions without the assistance of the mouse. The video signal input is DVI-I.

A suitable internal controller interface properly input video signals from a DVI or VGA with those used for the LCD display, while a USB port of the touch screen commands to the computer to which it is connected. It's also a RS232 serial line input, which allows you to manage the monitor's brightness and contrast of the display.

This TID provides a serial connection to the host for:

  • touch screen control
  • remote Built-in OSD menu
  • SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) Touch-screen Tecnology
  • Security compliance EN-60950
  • Well designed, robust chassis, small dimension, low depth
  • Easy to install, both panelmount & rackmount
  • Built-In hight-quality A/D board for perfect image from analog CRT input
  • Built-In EELY hight-quality resistive touch-screen with serial interface
  • AUTO-set feature can be remotely run
  • Mylar Coating to protect Touch-Screen and front bezel
Resolution 800x600 pixel, Aspect ratio 4/3
Operating Temperature 0° to +50°C
Storage Temperature -20° to +60°C
Rel. Humidity Operating 95% a 27°C , 80% a 40°C (non condensed)
Operating Altitude 3000 mt
Non-Operating Altitude 12000 mt
Water Resistant IP64
Marine Environment Salt concentration 5% di Na-Cl A 35° Time 48 hours
EMC Compatibility MIL-STD-461 according class A4 part 5 RE01, RE02, RS01, RS02, RS03
Reliability MTBF 87600 hours
Power Supply 12Vdc ± 10% ≤ 15W
Dimensions (w/out 19”brackets) 315W x 255H x50D
Display Area 246mm x 184mm
Weight ≤ 4Kg
Model Number Description
EASP-TID12-ACC Rel.1.0.0 Display 12" touch screen 5- wires resistive power supply 18-Vdc (include std cable one feet)