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TR-386 a Solid Industrial Computer for DOS O/S

  • Reliable 1U (1.756") fanless rack mount computer with no moving parts, designed for Microsoft DOS O/S.
  • Intel 386-EX 25Mhz processor with 512KB SRAM and 512K flash.
  • Pre-installed DOS O/S with TCP/IP and web server software + flash file system.
  • 1 x 10Base-T LAN port (NE compatible), 1 x RS232 serial port, 1 x RS232/RS485 software selectable.
  • Ready to use industry standard connectors.
  • Options: 32-pin DIP socket to accept 512K SRAM, 512K flash or M-Systems DiskOnChip.
  • Watchdog Timer.
  • Digital I/O interface options.
  • Operating temperature -20°C to 85°C.
  • 7-34VDC, 2W, universal AC/DC power adapter with ESA included.
  • Warranty 3 years with telephone service support for life.
  • Standard stock product at Transduction

Model TR-386 industrial rack mount computer is a practical solution for clients who still need to use Microsoft DOS operating system. It includes TCP/IP connectivity over 10/100Mbps Ethernet port. It has PC compatible serial ports. Priced at only $475, it offers good value for the money. Price includes 512KB of memory and 512KB flash drive.

The powerful Intel 386EX microprocessor and DOS operating system allow design and debugging in a familiar environment, while industry standard connectors allow direct connection to 10Base-T (NE2000 compatible) Ethernet networks. Additional features include a watchdog timer, on-board voltage regulator, 10 digital I/O lines, RS485 serial port capability and status LED's. Optional memory expansion of 512KB SRAM, 512KB flash, M-Systems DiskOnChip or a battery backed clock calendar with 128KB SRAM is available using 32 Pin Dip socket.

TR-386 computer can be powered from 7 to 34VDC and it comes with universal AC power adapter that can also be connected to 90 - 130VDC.

In terms of reliability, the expected MTBF is over 100,000 hours. Warranty is 3 years.

Model TR-386 1U half-fanless rack mount computer with Intel 386-EX processor
Processor Intel 386-EX @ 25MHz
No processor air fan
Memory SRAM 512KB
Ethernet 1 x 10Base-T RJ45 ethernet port (NE2000)
Disk I/O 512K Flash DiskOnChip
I/O Ports 1 x RS232 with 5 handshake lines COM1, adddress 0x3F8, IRQ4 115200 baud maximum
1 x RS232 no handshaking or RS485 half duplex COM2, address 0x2F8, IRQ3 115200 baud maximum
Digital I/O 10-bits (P3.0-P3.5 & P1.4-P1.7), pin configurable as input or output, P3.3 and P3.4 configurable as interrupts, 8mA source/sink
Connectors and Jumpers J1 - general I/O and synchronous serial
J2 - RS485
J3 - COM1
J4 - COM2/console
J5 - Multi-I/O Bus (general I/O)
J8 - power
J10 - Ethernet
JP1 - watchdog NMI enable
JP2 - socket memory type
JP3 - boot memory location uFlashTCP
Watch-Dog Timer System reset programmable watchdog timer, generates processor NMI
Sync Serial full duplex, independent Rx and Tx clocks
Master or slave operating mode
Operating System Pre-installed Microsoft XDOS (MS/PC DOS 3.3 compatible) with TCP/IP and web server software
Power 7 - 34VDC ±10% input with external universal
AC/DC power adapter included
400mA (nominal)
Power consumption - 2W
Operating & Storage Temperature -20 ˜ 85°C (14 ˜ 185°F)
Humidity Relative humidity 5 ˜ 90%, non-condensing
Shock and Vibration Shock - 25G, Vibration - 5G as per MIL standard
Dimensions 1U 1.75" (undersized) (H) X 9.0" (D) X 19" (W) rack mount (17" behind the "ears")
Weight 2lbs (1kg)
Options M-Systems DiskOnChip flash disk
Battery backed clock calendar chip with 128K
SRAM (20-0074)
48 digital I/O expansion capability
Warranty 3 years