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  • Time To Market

Time To Market (TTM) is the time that elapses from the design of a product to its effective marketing. The TTM includes the steps of market studies, feasibility studies, engineering, prototyping, large-scale production, placing on the market. It is clear that in the field of new technologies is crucial to lower the TTM to penetrate the market before competitors.

The average time interval of the entire production process in our case is 90 days. The process is as follows:

  • 15: Days of concept development, rendering, analysis of product requirements, study materials, fairness and PDR. With the PDR demonstrates that the preliminary design meets all system requirements with acceptable risk. At this stage we are laying the foundations to proceed with the detailed design;

  • 15: days for the "proof of concept", FEA finite element analysis and virtual simulation engineering analysis;

  • 5-15: days for executive mechanical and RDF to demonstrate the maturity of the project;

  • 15: days of work;

  • 15: days to obtain the model;

  • 15: Days of additions (excluding software) and test.