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The EASP-WHF05-ANT is a relative high efficiency broadband vertical radiator intended for use with frequency agile transmission systems over the 2 - 30 MHz HF band (i.e.: HF/ALE systems).

It is produced in two different versions, respectively EASP-WHF05-ANT/R for the roof mounting solution and EASP-WHF05-ANT/N for the naval mounting solution

  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • High Reliability
  • Broadband radiator, a decade frequency interval typical
  • No tuning devices
  • SWR 1:1.5 typical
  • 50 ohm coax feed line
  • RF power 500 watt continuous duty
  • Rugged fiberglass whip element and stainless steel mounting hardware

The EASP-WHF05-ANT is a wideband HF whip antenna intended for use with ALE capable transceivers for HF communication. Although no external tuning is necessary for operation over the entire HF band, an ATU (Antenna Tuner Unit) can be used to improve SWR ratio. By the way, working principle is based on unique method of coupling transmission line transformers with travelling wave monopole radiator. A detailed analysis of the impedance adapter network revealed that it actually consists of two separate transformers with inter-coupled windings. This technique is used in conjunction with a virtually infinite length of aperiodic transmission line. Such a linear and lumped distribute elements network provide fifty ohm impedance adaption over the entire HF band.

Physical layout

The antenna is constituted by the 10 meter whip sustained by ATU that performs also as support. The impedance adaptor, along with transmission line transformers, is mounted in an aluminum enclosure with integral heat sink

Length 10 meters
Weight 25 Kg
Sections 2
Bottom Ø 52 mm
Whip material epoxy fiberglass
Finishing polyurethane paint
Colour grey RAL 7030
Radiator high Q Teflon line
Ferrule inox steel per AISI 316
Operating temperature -35°C to +80°C
Max wind speed 180 Km/h
Frequency 2 to 30 MHz
Impedance 50 ohm
Polarization Vertical
H radiation 360°
V radiation See diagram
TX feed cable RG-213/U
Ground Yes
Model Number Description
EASP-WHF05-ANT/N Wide band HF antenna 500W - Naval Mounting
EASP-WHF05-ANT/R Wide band HF antenna 500W - Roof Mounting