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The PSD device, is a wearable digital security system that can be of great help and efficacy when worn by the personnel involved in maintenance of public order like stewards, assistants, policeman, etc...

This happen normally during sport events, political manifestations, and cultural exhibitions. In these cases, in the appropriate facilities (i.e.: stadium), are present large amounts of people. Potentially crowd, in case of unexpected events, may lead to dangerous situations or disorder. Wearing the PSD, in perspective, can help and improves conventional security measures in a way compatible with the infrastructure and operating procedures already in place.

The PSD main functions are as follows:

  • To be worn by the operator as a digital video and audio recorder (black box).
  • Collect and record video and audio environment events
  • Indicate the position of the operator
  • Establish a wireless communication channel, in real-time, between the operator and the Control Center

The PSD can utilizes any wireless network already available in the operating site like GSM, UMTS, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc...

The sketch shows a possible solution. The entire device is positioned and secured by taping stretch inside the jacket, the entire assy is fully removable. The electronic parts are placed on a support and integrated on a plastic film (polyethylene), which is robust, ultra-thin and lightweight. On the same support are placed electronic devices that allow charging the battery by means of inductive coupling.

All controls of the PSD device are made by pressing a few soft buttons placed in the collar of his jacket.

The reason for such highly ergonomic arrangement result from an in deep analysis of the operator's behavior. In fact when an operator is placed in a stationary condition, he can control the alarm buttons with one hand and talking simply by touching the collar. Alternatively, during the hazardous conditions, given the natural attitude of protection, which instinctively it is assumed, trying to protect face with hands, he can exerts an even more effective control.